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Apple devices a liability?

Unmanaged Apple devices can become a lialbilty for certain companies...
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Are you on Spotify?

Location, sensors, voice, photos... Spotify collects a lot of data on you...
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Automatic facial recognition, it's here and it's now...

A security camera wil capture your face, and it will be matched with your name and a whole lot of information besides. Welcome to the world of automatic facial recognition. Walk into a store and the store's cameras and computers will figure out your identity and look up their databases. They'll know your name, salary, interests and how profitable a customer you are...Read on.


Social Media. How to protect yourself and your family...

Social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, are amazing resources, allowing you to .meet, interact and share with people around the world However, all this power also brings risk for you, your family, friends and employer. We explain what these dangers are and how to use these sites securely and safel...
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Privacy Issues for Canadians...

Although it is improving, Canadians' knowledge about their privacy rights under Canada's privacy laws is limited. In a study conducted in 2013, a telephone survey was administered to 1513 canadian residents 16 years and older. Despite the fact that the situation has improved over the last few years, a clear majority of participants rated their knowledge low. Nevertheless, Canadians are preoccupied with their privacy. Read on. 


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